Issue 02 + 03 Bundle


Receive Issue 02 + 03 plus a mystery print from our archives! While supplies last!

Issue 02 Details:

Mundane Fantasy Issue 02 is a 32-page, staple-bound 5.5'' x 8.5'' risograph zine printed in blue and red ink printed by ANEMONE. Color separations and imposition via Spectrolite by ANEMONE .Studio + Spectrolite.app. Issue 012was folded, stapled, and trimmed by Mimi Jaffe, Rain Sissel, and Amelia Greenhall in Seattle.

Limited edition of 100 copies. Published November of 2021.

Cover Artist: Mari Chiyo

Featured Artists: Lauren Maxwell, Isabelle Marshall, Cory Oneill, Winifred Harrison, Belle (Bom) Kim, Alexander Marris, Nicole Lettenmaier, Laurenn Stipes, Ryan Tiszai, Malcolm Johnson, Jane Johnson, Jackson Barnes, Zack Conklin, Juan Marquez & Erica Miller

Issue 03 Details:

Mundane Fantasy Issue 03 a 32-page, staple-bound 5.5'' x 8.5'' risograph zine printed in Fluorescent PInk, Yellow, Violet and Black inks on Cougar Natural and French Insulation Pink paper at ANEMONE. Color separations & BOOKLET imposition via Spectrolite Collated, folded, stapled and trimmed by Rain Sissel (Publisher) and Amelia Greenhall (Printer) in Seattle, WA.

Cover Artist: Vanessa Vanya
Featured Artists: Jillian Barthold, Chris Hulsizer, Rachelle Abellar, Ashton Trujillo, Dena Zilber, Vanessa Jacob, Mackenzie Lew, Shin Yu Pai & Justin Rueff, Elaine Lin, Maryann Cole, & Emmet Bush